Home construction

Complete workmanship, from the base to the roof through the interior cladding.


Lively exterior interior design including garden and environment design.

Wellness block

Planning of the implementation of wet and rest areas, including mechanicals.

The roof structure of our headquarters won the Roof of the Year Award in 2018. 


Smart home

Control lamps, shutters, TVs, audio devices, radiators, air conditioners easily and quickly from your phone.

Installing smart features can save you time and money. By paying a price for comfort, we can optimize the energy needs of our property and office, and increase the security of our values. Real estate development costs 2-3% of construction costs. The products we use do not require major chiseling, these devices are capable of wireless control. In addition to telephone control, they can also be operated for voice control. We also undertake the transformation of existing networks.

The price of properties with extra features is well above the market price. It can be a useful investment even before the sale.

Security system

Design, installation, maintenance of cameras, fire alarms, access control systems, CO, humidity detection devices.

The need to use security and safety systems today is not only an opportunity but increasingly our own interest. With our complex services (design, construction, service) we serve the needs of our customers extensively.

Electrical installation 

Troubleshooting the construction of the electrical network of buildings, flats, family houses and offices. 


Feel free to contact us if you like the beautiful things that are demanding, we can do more together.